iPod BoomBox?

ThinkSecret, who love to gossip even more than we do, are reporting that one of their "good friends" "accidentally" "let it slip" that along with the video iPod, Intel Mac mini, iSight-sportin’ 13-inch widescreen MacBook, Media Cube, "touch finger LCDs," 17-inch MacBook Pro, and countless other devices that Steve Jobs will definitely reveal to be the promised "fun new products" on Tuesday, is a "HiFi" boombox for the iPod that will "deliver unique capabilities beyond what today’s third-party docking speaker systems offer." Now ThinkSecret has been known to get it right more than once, and it seems that their accuracy only improves as an announcement gets closer, so this rumored product doesn’t sound as wild as some of the others being tossed around. As usual, though, all we can do is wait, and fill that waiting time with speculation after speculation after speculation. [Note: Above photo is a Photoshopped iBoom, and is being used for illustrative purposes only.]


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